Whether you are desiring some personal time, or planning a group event, The Land Celebration has the appropriate facilities to suit your needs, all located in an inspiring natural setting...

THE LODGE: The Lodge at The Land Celebration contains a large meeting room with a beautiful fireplace and hearth and full view of the natural surroundings, suitable for a variety of uses, including workshops, seminars and movement classes.

There are two dormitories adjacent for up to 20 persons.

The spacious kitchen is amply supplied with the equipment necessary to prepare meals for large groups, including restaurant-sized stove, ovens and refrigerator, and there is a dining hall, with seating for 30 or more, overlooking the grounds.

The Lodge building is all on ground level, so it is completely accessible to those with special requirements


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THE HOUSE: The main House serves as dwelling place for members of our community who live at and steward The Land Celebration. However, it also contains a beautifully appointed Temple room for meditations, as well as smaller meetings and workshops. In addition, there is a separate meditation room that is also used for personal counseling and a variety of therapeutic modalities, including massage, Reiki, acupressure and more, all of which are available to guests by appointment.

There are also two dormitory spaces for up to 16 persons located in the house.

The main level in the House is wheelchair-accessible for meetings and lodging via a ramp at the front entrance.



WALKING TRAILS AND GROTTOES: The woods at The Land Celebration are laced with walking trails, along which you will find many special meditation grottoes; places to sit and contemplate, read a book or simply enjoy Nature. Some of these areas are also designated to accommodate a variety of ceremonies and outdoor workshops.  

CEREMONIAL AREA: In a clearing tucked between the woods and a lovely pond, fire circles and a sweat lodge structure. Sweat Lodge ceremonies, loosely based in Native American traditions, are offered on a  regular basis at The Land Celebration, and this space is also used for other ceremonies and functions.  

GROUNDS: The grounds below the Lodge and House provide an ideal venue for a variety of purposes. It is a wonderful locale for outdoor weddings, and there is a large fire circle for drumming circles or sing-a-longs.

There are also three labyrinths, which are used for personal meditations and group events and ceremonies. In addition, there are several ponds on the Land, one of which is ideal for swimming. There is also a 2200' airstrip located on the property, which doubles as a parking area for larger events.

There is a golf cart available for those who need it to access the grounds and any outdoor activities.



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Map of The Land Celebration's Facilities

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